What my dogs have taught me about delighting in the Lord.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon before, but this is the first that I’ve thought about it in this context. Here’s the situation:

Anyone who knows my dogs, knows how much I love them. They are both such a blessing to me. The younger (and bigger) one, Trillian, LOVES people, but she especially loves her “mom”. Every time she hears my voice, regardless if I am looking at her or in another room, she wags her tail in delight. She is always tuned in to hear me and she is always listening, even when I’m not speaking to her. It always makes me smile to see her happiness exemplified in her cropped little tail swinging as fast as doggily possible. I wonder if this isn’t a great metaphor for how we should delight in the Lord – our tails wagging exuberantly at the sound of the Father’s voice, our ears tuned to His frequency, our eyes set towards His face. Rejoicing even when he isn’t talking to you.

To take it one step further… my other dog, Gamma (who I also love dearly) has a few problems associated with old age. Her hearing is off and she is blind in one eye. She doesn’t wag her tail as often because these things hinder her ability to receive communication. It makes me wonder what problems I have in my life that hinder me from delighting in the Father’s communication to us.

I really ought to say that this metaphor shouldn’t be taken too far. Now I can’t help but think of the other things that my dogs have taught me that have application to my spiritual life (e.g. obedience).


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